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Its very hard to read the text at the beginning, but overall a very good storyline and plot. I love how in this game you can actually walk around, I also love the little pixelated characters too 


I cried a lot while playing this game, I'm now happily married to Four

Is there a guide for this game? I feel convinced that I'm giving the logical answers to the quickfire debate at the end of the first trial but it keeps telling me I'm wrong.

There’s a guide in the files for that minigame iirc. If not there’s a few playthroughs on YouTube and stuff 

Thanks. Yeah I ended up finding a lets play on Youtube.

finaly a game that is finished

how do i save the game ?

sorry for bothering

do esc and there should be a save menu

i've heard some bad things about this game but honestly i really enjoyed it. good stuff! and four is my wife now

literally sam


How do I go through a door?


face it press space or enter 


(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡You did a really good work!Could I make gaming videos with Chinese subtitles for this game?

Go for it if you want 

Thanks a lot!!!

holy cow that is a good game, art is good and the kerokuma is so cute i love it


What are the controls in this game?

Use the arrow keys to move etc and space bars when talking to someone

This is so good


How did you make this, what engine? Like RenPY or Unity?

OHRRPGCE. It’s from like the 80s or something and people redid it to be cooler 

Hiya! I really like the looks of this fan-game. Since it’s completed, do you know if there may be a chance it can become available for MAC?

I’d love to make it available for mac users but I don’t really know how. I’m pretty sure there are ways for Mac computers to emulate programs for windows so if you wanna play, id suggest looking into that

ah, thanks! I’ll look into that haha

I just finished this game yesterday and I love it,great characters,great setting,great art and great story.


I just started playing the game and im currently at the start of episode one and i really hope it gets better because there only appears to be one actually likable character and most of the student's overall personality just isnt the best? I really hope it gets gets better over time or theres some improvement by the end. because if this was released over the course of about a year i really hope theres some improvement by chapter 5 or 4, though, making a game isnt the easiest and im currently trying to make my own danganronpa fangame (I just started the sprites) and it does take a lot of time and effort to make the story and such. Im probably just being nitpicky though.


Hi, I'm new to this game and am just wanted to know how to save. Thank you !


In the overworld, press esc and it should bring up a menu where you can save, then the next time you launch the game it’ll bring up your save files. 

Thanks. I just got to the Hangman's Labryinth and now I am super confused.  Could you tell me what the controls are for that one.

Interact with the bubble letters using the space button, just like when you talk to people. They’re pretty fast so you may have to spam it.

Its very good fangame, good job ^^ (sorry for my english i dont know that leangue very well)

I've absolutely loved this series over the course of its release! Glad to see its come this far and i cant wait to play the complete edition

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! The characters are diverse just like in the original three games and it stays consistant through out. I am going to play this on youtube!

bonus mode is super fun. thanks for making some new content for this!