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Based on the Danganronpa series of murder mystery visual novels, Hyper Danganronpa H20 is an original fangame set in a new location with it's own cast!

16 teenagers find themselves trapped in the underwater basement of Freedom Academy, a school for Super High School Level Students that excel in their individual fields. They are told that the only way to escape is to participate in a deadly game where the victor is set free, and the losers face fatal defeat.

Since this fangame is separate from the original Danganronpa series, knowledge of the games is unnecessary, so anyone is free to play! This download contains only the prologue. Download Episode 1 here.

Install instructions

To run the game, unzip the .zip file using whatever program you use (can be found in the file explorer on Windows).  Inside will be a file named hdrh20prologue.exe, Execute this, and the game should run. Contact me via twitter @milkpunchart or on tumblr @milkpunch-art if you have any issues, or need anything cleared up.


hdrh20prologue.zip 21 MB


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also what did you use to make this game?
I know literally nothing about languages or scripting or whathaveyou

so could you tell me what language you used and if you havea program what did you use as well?

I'm really started to love this game, and I see people below liking it alot but;

Please make this WASD friendly. I don't have working arrow keys, unless you could the PG UP button and Right shift as left and right...

I can play this game but, using an on screen keyboard is annoying and it actually hurts my hand. so if it isn't much of a bother [I don't know if you can edit your games if it's published] but if it isn't please make WASD controls ;w;

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I'm disappointed there is no rantaro with titties rather some rip of rantaro woman with titties 2/10  

I still haven't gotten to play Dangonronpa V3. Can I play this without spoilers, since it's separate from the series?


Yep! It’s totally separate from the main series except for the killing game concept. 

Thanks! Time to start playing then :) 

i love this, the writing is great, after talking with Victora, i laughed throughout her entire dialog, i am so playing all of this episodes

i love the artstyle as well, looks like a game that came from the PS1 era of games and i love those style of games, Thumbs up from me my dude

This was a very strong start! I was just going to play the prologue but now I feel compelled to download the rest immediately. The setting is very unique and I love the character designs, the PC98 retro feel is super slick as well.
My only nitpick is that the text sometimes strains the eye but I got used to it fairly quickly. Looking forward to playing the next chapter asap.

I love this so far<3 I LoVeE Chet and Maya (i think their names are)

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