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Based on the Danganronpa series of murder mystery visual novels, Hyper Danganronpa H20 is an original fangame set in a new location with it's own cast!

16 teenagers find themselves trapped in the underwater basement of Freedom Academy, a school for Super High School Level Students that excel in their individual fields. They are told that the only way to escape is to participate in a deadly game where the victor is set free, and the losers face fatal defeat. Episode 5 covers the beginning of Chapter 3 until the Body Discovery.

Since this fangame is separate from the original Danganronpa series, knowledge of the games is unnecessary, so anyone is free to play! This download contains Episode 5 of Hyper Danganronpa H20.

Prologue: here
Episode 1: here
Episode 2: here
Episode 3: here
Episode 4: here


HDRH20 Ep5.zip 23 MB


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