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Based on the Danganronpa series of murder mystery visual novels, Hyper Danganronpa H20 is an original fangame set in a new location with it's own cast

16 teenagers find themselves trapped in the underwater basement of Freedom Academy, a school for Super High School Level Students that excel in their individual fields. They are told that the only way to escape is to participate in a deadly game where the victor is set free, and the losers face fatal defeat. Episode 10 covers the Chapter 5 investigation and trial.

Since this fangame is separate from the original Danganronpa series, knowledge of the games is unnecessary, so anyone is free to play! This download contains Episode 10 of Hyper Danganronpa H20.

Check my past released games for the previous episodes.


HDRH20 Ep10.zip 54 MB


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3 words;  LOVE THIS GAME

love the plot, character , the original design... i love all from this piece of art

this series is so good, I can't wait for episode 11

Didn't...Expect that at all! Can't wait for Chapter 6!